Wabash Farms - Wholesale Native Plants

Wabash Farms - Wholesale Native Plants
Wabash Farms is a wholesale native plant nursery established in 1995 that specializes in raising plants from local seed sources. We are located in the Cascade foothills five-miles northeast of Enumclaw.

Sandy Miller
Jim Bitney
wabash [at] nventure [dot] com

Phone: (360) 825-7051
Fax: (360) 825-1949

Products Offered

  • Native trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials in containers
  • Wetland emergents (sedges, rushes, grasses) in Ray Leach tubes
  • Salt tolerant tidal plants in Ray Leach tubes
  • Stakes (willow, dogwood etc)
  • Shrubs and trees grown in Deepots (by contract only)
  • Our Plant Species List

Services Offered

  • Contract growing
  • Site specific seed collection and propagation
  • Delivery to planting site
  • Excellent customer service and prompt response times
photo Wabash Farms
Wabash Farms photo
Wabash Farms
Two mantles by Jim Bitney
Wabash Farms also produces locally crafted wood products from native and urban woods. Jim does custom work so feel free to contact him to discuss your project. Visit Jim's website at http://wabashwoodproducts.com/
Polystichum munitum (Sword fern)
Polystichum munitum (Sword fern)
Pacific ninebark in Deepots
Physocarpus capitatus (Pacific ninebark) in Deepots
Spirea densiflora
Spiraea densiflora (Subalpine spiraea)
Salicornia virginica
Salicornia virginica (Pickleweed)
salt tolerant
photo of Sagitiaria latifolia
Sagitiaria latifolia